About Best4Balance Limited

The NHS recommends that children aged 9-15 require an hour of physical activity and children aged 6-9 require 45 minutes each day to help them to stay fit and healthy. Fitness and exercise can help children and young adults to improve temperaments, develop stronger mind set and is also good for strong bone development, clearer skin and an overall happier lifestyle. Best4Balance has been founded by a Warrington Primary School Teacher who is keen to make change in the lives of all children. We offer weekly fitness bootcamps to all children aged 6-15. Camps last for 45 minutes for children aged 6-9 and 1 hour sessions to those aged 10-15. The sessions are short due to their high impact activities and are kept within the safety guidelines. All bootcamps will be booked for a 6 week block, where your child will attend one session per week. Each session is designed to develop speed, agility, stamina and co-ordination for a fitter future! Some of the activities include hurdles, pad work, skipping and tyre obstacle which are all delivered to music in a fun and enjoyable setting. We deliver our products to schools and have a number of evening locations for children around the North West. Together with this, we also have trained fitness instructors who will attend your child's birthday party too! Best4Balance- Not just a hobby, but a fitter future!